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Real Estate 101: Tips to Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent With Alyce Dailey

guest 12-14-12Real estate has been getting a bad name since the much talked about housing market crash but finally, things are looking up.

On Friday, December 14, we had the pleasure of speaking with real estate enterprise expert and successful woman in business Alyce Dailey about the real facts surrounding today’s real estate market. She shared excellent tips on what to do when looking for a real estate professional to assist you in buying or selling you home. Here are just a few of the tidbits she shared:

Ask how many transactions an agent has had in the past year: No one likes to put someone on the spot but when it comes to something as important as buying/selling your home, there’s no room for being shy. When looking for a real estate professional, don’t be afraid to ask about their average sales and sales for the year. “I don’t want to go to the brain surgeon that’s doing his first surgery,” Alyce candidly said, noting that 42% of agents did not sell a house last year. “How can you get good negotiating advice if the agent is counting on that commission?”

Relocating? Get referrals of good real estate agents in your new area: “I’m a big fan of referrals,” Dailey said. “If you’re relocating for work, you start to talk to the people at work [and] get a few names. And I always suggest you meet with a couple of people. You don’t necessarily have to go with the first person you meet with.”

Build a relationship with your real estate agent ahead of time:  “Your realtor should be able to sit down with you a year before you’re wanting to do anything,” Alyce said. “I never want people to buy emotionally and I want people to develop the relationship with their realtor far in advance of that meeting because when a commission check is on the line, you never know if you’re being pushed into something or not.”

Listen to Alyce Dailey’s full interview on MyCity4Her Radio here


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