Special viewing of The Mask You Live In to benefit House of Ruth 5/28/15

Is American masculinity harming our boys, men and society at large?

The House of Ruth has partnered with Joe Ehrmann (view his Tedx Talk on masculinity here) to show a public screening of the thought provoking documentary “The Mask you Live In” which opened at Sundance 2015 to critical acclaim (to view a review of the film in Variety click here.)

“We as a society are failing our boys and I wanted to delve into the concept of ‘how do we create a culture that doesn’t leave them so lonely, isolated and in pain?’” said director Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

If you are raising boys, or have the stewardship or care of young men, this is an important movie and issue for you to care about.

The House of Ruth believes that in order to end violence against women, attitudes and beliefs about what it means to act like a man need to change.

It’s men who can make that shift.

The House of Ruth is inviting men to join a group of their peers who are committing to this change.
They are asking men to join with this declaration:

We lead the way to challenge the attitudes and beliefs of men so women and children can live free from intimate partner violence. We take personal responsibility to prevent intimate partner violence and take action when it occurs.

Speak out.
Reach out in the community to influence men and boys.

Encourage other men to join you.

Former Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith has answered the call to Man Up — will you? Torrey Smith Man Up. The House of Ruth asks “Are you ready to Man Up?” To find out more click here. To reserve your ticket for the screening on 5/28/2015 at 6pm, click here.

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