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Tara Marbach

Proposed Republican Policies: Election 2014

This is the second part of a five part series by Tara Marbach on the gubernatorial election in Maryland.  From the looks of all the media coverage, at least around Baltimore, one might assume there are only three candidates running…


Proposed Democratic Policies: Election 2014.

With the gubernatorial election on the horizon, Tara Marbach is sharing a 5 part series with MyCity4HER readers. Part One will focus on Proposed Democratic Policies.    The Maryland Democratic gubernatorial primary is in a matter of weeks (on June 24, to…

Coursera: Get Your MOOC On!

By Guest Blogger Tara Marbach Higher education in this country is getting prohibitively expensive for many. Even if you can afford college or a higher degree, it’s usually to fulfill requirements in your chosen curriculum and move on. There is not a lot…