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The 2017 Spirited Woman Awards were a Success

Thank you!

It’s incredible to sit back and ponder the event on August 10, 2017 at the Pier V Hotel, over 240 guests feasted on a delicious salad featuring caribbean shrimp, hibiscus tea, assorted fresh baked breads and got a hefty side of inspiration from the 2017 Spirited Women Awards honorees, featuring Lesley Geisel and Karen Lorario, the founders of the recieving charity – Benevolent Baskets;  as well as this year’s Spirited Man of 2017 Neil Meltzer, the CEO of Lifebridge and the Spirited Young Man Rising, Seth Schafer, the founder of Sharp Dressed Man and Vice President of Christopher Schafer Clothier.

The event’s title sponsors Keswick Multi-Care, provided numerous treats such as eye pads, lip balms, to do pads, and more for the fantastic gift bags which each attendeed enjoyed featuring a premium reusable aluminum coffee mug and premium chocolate and snack mixes from Royal Farms, cosmetics from Caudalie (courtesy of About Faces), samples of FOM, and many other exciting items. The day’s festivities started with an open reception in the Pier V Hotels one of a kind, and luminous atrium, there Beck n Call Events CEO and Founder Tammie Monaco helped the MyCity4HER & Giving Spirits Foundation team register and welcome the over 250 guests to the sold out event.

The event’s beneficiary charity Benevolent Baskets is receiving a $6500 donation from The Giving Spirits Foundation. Remaining profits will be used to continue to offer inspiring and educational events, programs and resources to the community in Baltimore and beyond.

The Fall Memo area, a first for the event, in it’s 8th year – was Chaired by celebrity makeup expert Owen Michael O’Donnell and featured a salon style presentation of designers Ella Pritsker and Christopher Schafer’s recommendations for the professional who wants to look good in Fall 2017. M’s own son, Alexandre Henri Marbach, an incoming Freshman at Jemicy School was one of the models, and’s Nina Monroe, modeled an Ella Pritsker design, similar to a dress worn in 2015 by Michelle Obama.

The Fall Memo area was sponsored in part by Wyborowa Vodka, Poland’s #1 Potato Vodka.  “wyborowa” in Polish language is feminine gender from the word “wyborowy” which means “excellent”, thus was fitting to be one of the two featured Spirits at this year’s event Spirited Woman Awards honoring 15 most excellent women (to view a list of the honorees click here).  To learn more about the Wyborowa vodka, and experiment with cocktail recipes click here. The second vodka featured was a domestic product called Old Republic Vodka, which comes in a variety of offerings, of which the Battlefield and Blackberry were on hand to pour for the event.  ORD is locally produced in York, PA and is York County’s 1st distillery since prohibition. They produce superior quality, handcrafted, small batch distilled spirits, utilizing as much local agriculture as possible. For cocktail recipes from ORD – click here. Both these products are readily available at woman owned and operated, by Spirited Woman in Entrepreneurship, Victoria Schassler – Spirited of Mt Vernon.

We would like to thank all the sponsors that helped to make this year’s event memorable and unforgettable. Thank you, Keswick Multi-Care, The Pier V Hotel, Brick Bodies and Lynne Brick’s Women’s Health & Fitness, Walpurgis Holdings, MyCity4HER, Inc, Lifebridge Health, The Kent Pierce Group at Merrill LynchNalley Fresh, The Baltimore Business Journal, Fear Nothing Artworks, Michael Bruley Artist, Atwaters Bakery, About Faces, Royal Farms, Beck n Call Events, Baltimore Style Magazine, Comcast, WJZ, Christopher Schaffer Clothier, Citybizlist, ComforCare, Miles & Stockbridge P.C. AFRO Newspapers, Flowers & Fancies, The Spirit of Hope Foundation, Drink Eat Relax, and Spirits of Mt Vernon Wine Shop. Citron Baltimore, and last but not least Ri-Noor Jewelry. 



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