Best Business Advice I can think of at 4am

By Monyka Berrocosa

Best Business Advice I can think of to share with other women in business this early in the am

I get a lot of emails – sometimes I get random requests on Twitter, on Facebook or just our general contact part on the site – requesting business advice. Recently a young woman pinged me on Linked In and really wanted to know my thoughts. Here’s what I said… If you have more to add to this – please by all means – comment!

  • Say please and thank you
  • Don’t over promise and under deliver
  • Have a plan B, C, and D and keep checking and adjusting them
  • Never burn a bridge
  • Prepare to work harder in your life for less money than you expected
  • Work with people you get along with and who mirror your values
  • Never screw anyone – its bad karma and will boomerang back eventually (always does) strive to be the better person – no matter how tempting
  • Give back – every occasion you can – and give again
  • Talk less & listen more
  • Be open minded and creative when things don’t go the way you planned
  • Be conservative with your cash – it vanishes quick and is hard to make – don’t get cash happy and plan for a rainy day (your banker will respect you for it)
  • Read up on what you don’t know and don’t spend significant money on what you don’t understand until you’re up to speed and can make an educated decision
  • Hire people smarter than you and treat them well
  • Be kind to everyone and respectful to all – treat no one as insignificant – even salespeople (they can be your best referral source and friends)
  • Make sure your business is focused on things you like to do and are good at
  • When it stops being fun for a good long while, rethink your business plan
  • Don’t ever forget the family and pets – they love you no matter what and are your biggest support network
  • Eat right, get lots of sleep and limit your time on email at 4am unless you find you work better then – LOL!
I ended my verbose suggestions with the following…
Good luck – what kind of business are you starting, how can I help?
This last phrase has served me extremely well in over 16 years of business. Wish more people reciprocated when they reach out to me. Last perhaps most important recommendation try to fill buckets when you’re reaching out to people for help – not empty them. It’s easy to take – but an offer to help, usually garners far more respect, responsiveness and attention. It’s a mind set. You either like it or you don’t. I don’t know how to be any other way, and I’m ok with that. Meanwhile much continued success!

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