MyCity4HER Favorite Things 2021 Post

MyCity4HER Favorite Things 2021 – Welcome – All are things M (our Founder and Chief Editorial Director, Monyka Berrocosa) has used daily, or regularly for over the course of the past year (2021) with the exception of the Year Compass, which she has religiously worked with, for herself, and with her husband annually, as well as her business and strategy coaching clients.

Some Notes about why the following items, products, people, books, causes and events made the list – and some context to help you choose if you wish to discover them for yourself:

In order of importance… #MsaysBuy

#1 – The Year Compass  – Why? It’s FREE, and Fabulous – M uses this religiously and recommends it to everyone far and wide as it’s the single best planning tool she has found in her experience as a perpetual learner, experienced business owner, successful business coach, mentor and leader to ensure success and focus and maximize the potential of the coming new year. To get yours – click on the icon below, or click here.

#2 – Celestial Tea Well Daily Wellness Tea – Why? It’s an inexpensive way to start your day right and feel healthier – M used to be a serious coffee drinker, at least two Nespresso’s a day, however, a strange thing happened that can happen to other women, she experienced swelling of  her lymph nodes, and had a few scares, requiring emergency mammograms.  With her history (breast cancer scare at 30, and uterine cancer at 45), the stress and trauma, of false alarms are best avoided. So M avoids coffee, drinking only one delicious cup, her signature blend…, and focuses on ingesting more health, beneficial beverages, such as tea. Like this tea for instance…

Did you know Lymph nodes are bean-shaped glands found throughout the body. Their primary work is to fight infections or germs that invade the body. These glands typically exist under the armpit, behind the ears, in the groin region, as well as under the jaw and chin. 

Caffeine, which is widely found in beverages such as coffee, is a stimulant that can cause irritability, increased heart rate, alertness, insomnia, and dizziness. In addition, Dr. Sahara, a former KC Chiefs associate alternative team doctor for 2 ½ NFL seasons, says caffeine compromises optimal lymphatic drainage causing lymph nodes to swell.  To read more about this fascinating subject, click here.

#3 – Simply Gum 100% Natural Gum – Why? It’s healthier than the alternatives and it’s delicious – M discovered this delicious, elegant, gum (which comes in other flavors but she happens to prefer Ginger), through her adoptive sister Jeanette (who has great taste) and gifted it to her last year… Try it , M is sure you will love it.

#4 – Maybelline Cosmetics the Falsies Lash Lift Washable Mascara Volumizing, Lengthening, Lifting, Curling, Multiplying, Eye Makeup, Blackest Black – Why? It’s better than everything else M has tried over the past year – M actually has pretty good lashes, but in seeing a lot of people try fake ones, she did a trial run at home that was an epic fail.  She ended up getting lash glue all over her fingers, before an event, and realized, natural, at least for her, is probably better. M believes women should enhance and celebrate their natural-God given beauty, not mask or eliminate it with overuse of cosmetics, etc…If you want longer, better (healthier), more beautiful lashes that clean up easy,  M believes, you cannot do better for cheaper. 

#5 –Gardyn Home 1.0 – Indoor Vertical Garden – Smart Hydroponic Growing System with WiFi – 30 Indoor Plants – Great for Vegetables, Herbs, Greens – Best Invention by Time Magazine – Learn why by clicking hereWhy? It’s healthier than chasing fresh vegetables around during the winter season. Besides, M (a Certified Master Gardener) believes everyone should have living things in their environment for health, balance, and a continued, ever more important connection to the “earth”. M’s cool, fellow #bossbabe, Rebecca, has had one for years, and uses it daily to make sure she has super greens for her smoothies and favorite recipes. M finally got the memo, and her sister JoJo (back in Canada) gifted her one for Christmas. M will be doing a live unboxing of the unit in early 2022 – To sign up to view the festivities and merriment click here. Meanwhile, learn more about this amazing company and product by clicking here

#6 – Lidl Grocery Stores – Why? M says there’s no point wasting your money elsewhere when you have this wonderful, healthy, affordable, pleasant alternative. Who doesn’t want to feed their family better for cheaper – Lidl has got it going on!  High quality, low prices. Hassle-Free shoppingg that gets you in and done, and on your way faster than you’d expect. All products are delicious and chosen for their healthiness, taste, and overall quality.  Check out M’s Facebook Live Shopping Spree in Mid-December, with her hubby to help, by clicking here.  M believes more money saved, is more money to be able to do good with. She estimates in shopping at Lidl, she has probably shaved 20-25% off her regular shopping bill at competing stores of more traditional concepts. M knows Lidl from Europe, where she has lived on and off, and vacationed at her family home in Brittany, France, for years. The brand may be a little curious, and the approach a little different, but she guarantees you find at least 3 things you love, cheaper than anywhere you may be shopping currently.  Check it out and let her know how you liked it, by using our contact form here.

#7 – Grove Collective – Why? Like many M has been searching for a way to have easy access to environmentally friendly, and healthier options of products for her family, her friends, her staff and herself. While scrolling on Instagram one day, she was drawn in to try @Grove Collective… Now she’s addicted. Her first order from Grove contained wonderful environmentally-gentle and friendly alternatives of so many favorite and necessary home and beauty products, she’s ordered 3x since! Her favorites include the cellulose cleaning cloths, Roots Vitamin C Serum, and unbelievably good bath salts called literally “Cleanse your Mind”, and she swears it works. Discover Grove Collective and get you special FREE Gift  just because #msentyou by clicking here.

#8 – Thibault Manekin’s Amazing First Book – Larger Than Yourself – Why? Because Thibault is a longtime friend and mentor of M, and she can vouch for his awesomeness, that’s why. Seriously, M reads a LOT of books, but this book is different.  It inspires, and fuels the reader to want to do more to make the world a better place.It’s an enjoyable read, and chocked full of so much important and good lessons and information.  In fact, proven leaders like M’s friend and mentor, the amazing, MaryAnn Scully (the CEO and Founder of Howard Bank) has given a copy to every single one of their employees…So did M by the way (she is always up to learn by example) She also gave copies to her husband, her son, and her best clients. It is now required reading on all her teams, and for good reason. Get your copy before it sells out – you won’t regret it!

#9 – Inceptio Business Coaching and Brand Strategy HELP – Why? Because it works. If your not getting the revenues, right clients, or type of business you want, something has to give. Monyka Berrocosa has been coaching successful business owners, CEO’s, Corporate Teams and Startup Founders and Scalers for over a decade. She does not advertise her services, and has grown her business over three continents, 9 countries (and counting) helping people find and keep the right clients, and grow their business. For more information click here.

#10 – The single most important book you could read for health in the coming year – by functional nutritional expert and thought leader  Elizabeth Lipsky is    “Digestive Wellness: Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion, Fifth Edition” Why? In late fall, M had 3 wisdom teeth removed preventatively, the surgery went well, however, upon leaving she was given a preventative cocktail of harsh & heavy high dose antibiotics, Ibuprofen, Painkillers and Steroids. All was well for the first four days, and then on the 5th day, she started to get nauseous, but like, really nauseous, on the 6th day she was vomiting uncontrollably, she could not keep anything down, and this continued for a 4 day period. She finally was able to secure an appointment with her care providers at Annapolis Internal Medicine (who were overwhelmed from the beginning of flu season and the continuation of Covid-19). The care provider insisted she stop taking all manners of supplements, medicines, and prescriptions and suggested a “Bland Diet” with unfortunately NO clear descriptives of what that meant or indicated.

M, having an incredible network, called her Nourishment and Nutritional Guru, who is also her friend, and her business coaching client, the incredible, Dr. Carla Johnston, PhD and Certified Health Coach, as well as licensed Clinical Nutritonist, Businesswoman, Acclaimed Author and Podcast host, in a panic, asking what she suggested. Dr. Johnston immediately insisted M get Elizabeth Lipsky’s book – Digestive Wellness – as soon as she could.  M ordered it on Amazon Prime, and devoured it in 2 days – cover to cover. She immediately switched her diet completely to a plant-forward, low in salt, low in sugar, low in animal fats, and processed food diet, using mostly foods from Lidl (which has amazing, affordable, and healthy options) and also nearby (M likes to walk when the weather’s good) family-owned and local Graul’s Markets let by 3rd generation Bryan Graul, a longtime acquaintance of hers. To get your copy, click the icon / book cover image below, or grab your copy HERE.

We hope you will enjoy this year’s recommendations… They are put forth with a good intention to help all our audience (and those they love, and who love them) be happier, healthier and better than ever in the coming year ahead. 

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MyCity4HER Favorite Things 2021, We invite you to enjoy the discovery…

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