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New Year New Beginnings

Behold the YearCompass

2018 was a challenging year. I became ill again for the 3rd time, and my relationship with my child transitioned clumsily from very close Mom and son to the rocky journey of parenting a very independently minded young man. The reality of being the youngest daughter to an aging parent, and living far away collided not in the best of ways and I found myself asking the mirror a lot of questions between Christmas and New Years.

A post I saw on LinkedIn about being “busy” got me thinking…I don’t want this year to be busy for the sake of being busy, I want this year to be productive, fulfilling and gratifying. A tall order it seems as doing work that meets that criteria is not always evident.

About three years ago a woman I admire greatly introduced me to something called the Year Compass. The Year Compass is a downloadable, printable, FREE, planner that really helps you examine the past year and prepare for the new year in one of the most effective ways I have encountered yet.

I downloaded my own Year Compass planner about a week ago, and slowly, I’ve begun to fill it. I don’t know what will come at the end of the process, but I know having a methodology helps tremendously, so I highly recommend it. I encourage you, if you’re searching for a different vibe this new year, to consider doing it as well.

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