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Honesty? Honestly!

Billy Joel might have been writing a love song when he penned the lyrics to his song Honesty – but the chorus could have been about a Boss

Dive In To Manage

At one time or another, every boss comes across the employee who no longer is working out in the job. From my work over the past few years, I’ve seen a waning of a critical skill that allows bosses from the Executive Board to the C-Suite, to the Division VP’s, to the first–line Supervisor to manage their employees well – honest conversations about performance.


Non-Profits Trade Settling for Success

The non-profit arena is tough. Competition for donor dollars; the need to satisfy diverse stakeholders; keeping volunteers; not to mention the pressure to achieve what is usually a serious social mission, can all foster frustration for organizational leadership.

Putting the Right People in the Right Seat Doing the Right Work

For many years during my corporate work and coaching business, I’ve been frustrated by the challenge of finding the right people for jobs. One year during my publishing career I experienced 150% turnover, and I was one of the better hiring managers in the company. The average cost of hiring the wrong employee is two to three times that person’s salary.