The “Five Seasons of Money”

Achieving financial wellness through a seasonal Japanese approach

In Japan, life generally moves according to the change of seasons

At Matcha Time Cafe, we have been introducing beloved Japanese casual dining in addition to our authentic signature tea selection, from Japan and around the world.

For this first in a series of 5 events, we are pleased to introduce speaker, and author, Yoshiko Hayakawa, CFP®. Yoshiko, our guest lecturer, is a Japanese woman, who was born and raised in Tokyo. She has been working in the financial industry for the past decade and has created her own financial wellness framework, ‘5 Seasons of Money’ inspired by Japanese seasonal living. She shares her 4 biggest mistakes people make when it comes to money and her top 4 tips for financial wellness here.

Traditionally, there are five seasons that reflect the Chinese five elements theory. They are the four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter plus the late summer season ‘Doyou’.

For each season, she teaches mindful money practices that reflect the elements associated with each season.

This workshop is part 1 of a 5 part series.

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We will start with Summer, which represents the element of Fire, and ‘Money and Happiness’. 

After the workshop, we invite you to celebrate summer in a Japanese way by sharing traditional thirst quenchers with samplings of both sweet and savory summer favorite dishes.

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