The four biggest mistakes about money…

According to Yoshiko Hayakawa, CFP, MBA, PhD.

Yoshiko, who will be giving a special seminar this upcoming Saturday (FREE Registration here) about the Japanese inspired “Five Seasons of Money” at woman-owned Matcha Time Cafe on Saturday, June 8th (find out more info here) shares her four biggest mistakes she finds most people make when it comes to their money and finances below:

According to Yoshiko, the 4 biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their finances include:

They don’t talk about money in general.

They don’t keep track of their finances or know where their money goes.

Saving or being frugal without any particular purpose or goal.

Spending indiscriminately, or too much without thinking.

Fear not, there’s hope.

Yoshiko also shares her 4 top finance tips below:

Become aware of what is really important for your life.

Talk about money and value’ with your closest people.

Rely too much on ‘information’ online.

Have a good relationship with a financial professional (preferably one with professional designation) that is based on mutual trust.

About Yoshiko Hayakawa CFP, MBA, PhD.

Yoshiko has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. Prior to starting her career in finance, she taught at college for eight years. In addition, she has a series of experiences working as a business and big data analyst. She started her career as a financial adviser in 2006. Throughout her career, she increasingly felt that some clients needed more than just a well-crafted financial plan and advice.

She created a unique framework of financial wellness and named it ‘Five Season of Money’. The framework was inspired by her culture and how she was brought up.  Yoshiko is originally from Japan, where the traditional way of living is led by five seasons (four seasons plus late summer) and the almanac which reflects such. She is hosting a series of FREE workshops starting this Saturday, June 8, 019 at Matcha Time Cafe in Ellicott City. Tp register or for more info, click here.

She believes that her role is like a well-trained counselor who discovers and understand her client’s relationship with money. The process she follows utilizes an integrated approach, helping her clients become more aware of their relationship with money, future needs and how one’s financial decision impacts another including risk management. Throughout the process, she works with her clients to formulate a detailed and robust financial strategy that is tailored to their needs quantitatively as well as qualitatively. 

She resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and daughter. She is actively involved in the community of younger generations in the area who have special interest in Japanese culture old and new.   She enjoys cooking, entertaining and walking in the country side and woods. Lately, she picked up bouldering as her new exercise routine with her daughter.

Yoshiko Hayakawa is a registered representative and investment advisor representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc 

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