Top 5 Easy Winter Skin Care Tips for Busy Professional Women

During winter, the weather can be freezing, and all that cold air can do damage to your skin. But there are great—and simple—ways for you to protect it.

Tip #1 – Drink more water: When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water with lemon juice. This will help to release toxins that remain in your body from the day before.

In the winter months, it may be cold outside, but inside is warm, and this heat contributes to skin dehydration. Drinks like coffee, tea, and soda take water from your system, leaving you more dehydrated. So if you really need your morning coffee, make sure that for each cup you drink, you drink two cups of water during the day to replace the loss.

Tip #2 – Lubricate and plump up the skin from within: Do you take any joint supplements? Did you know that these supplements can also help plump up your skin?

Joint supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin help lubricate joints, relieve pain, and rebuild connective tissue. Because our skin also has connective tissues, these supplements can help it as well. (Be sure to check with your doctor or other health professional before taking any supplements.)

Tip #3 – Take a break!: If you use any products that contain Vitamin A such as Retin-A, Retinol, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) continuously for more than 6 months, stop using them in the winter.

These products encourage exfoliation of layers of dead skin cells and overall skin rejuvenation. However, overusing them will compromise your skin’s barrier function. What this means is that the skin’s moisture will evaporate, resulting in dehydrated skin with wrinkles–especially around the eyes and lips.

In addition, once your skin’s barrier function is compromised, your skin can become more sensitive, which can lead to even more problems.

Tip #4 –  Get a professional consultation by a licensed Aesthetician regarding the products you are currently using on your skin:  Good, highly educated, licensed Aestheticians can read and understand the cosmetic ingredient formulations on the labels of any company’s line of products and then give you a professional assessment to determine if what you’re using is what you should be using for your skin, especially during the winter. The Aesthetician can also determine if the products are right for your skin in its current condition. Products that may have been great for your skin five years ago may not be the best for it right now.

Tip #5 –  Treat yourself to a good facial treatment: Your skin needs treatment. Great skin does not occur by just using products. It’s best to use products in conjunction with getting treatments. In Europe and Asia, the majority of women receive facial treatments regularly. Now you know their secret to great skin.

Even having a facial once every few months will make a huge difference in your skin. This will keep your skin looking healthy and great!

Need another reason? You deserve it!

By: Mayumi Pachkoski

Mayumi is a certified Danne Montague-King (DMK) therapist and licensed cosmetologist who was trained in enzyme therapy by the legendary Carole L. Walderman at the Von Lee International School of Aesthetics,Inc, a world-renowned leader in aesthetics education. Born in Japan, Mayum has worked in the United States for more than 17 years. She is the owner of Beauty Within Skin Care, LLC. Mayumi utilizes the methodology, treatments, and products of Danne Montague-King, a pioneer in skin revision systems. Mayu also teaches at Von Lee International School of Aesthetics, Inc for selected students.

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