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Urgent Hurricane Prep Tech tips for Friday

Courtesy of MyCity4Her Preferred Provider and Information Technology Guru Robert Wray of Innovative Technology

Earthquake got you shaking in your boots about the security of your data? Irene rearing her hurricane head have you wondering if you’re going to be kayaking past your laptop next week? Well, ITC wants to help keep you and your office on track even when Mother Nature has other plans.

Here are a few precautionary things to think about this week as Hurricane Irene boogies her way toward the Mid-Atlantic…

  1. Take an off-site backup home with you–having a extra copy in a different location might save you some major headaches.
  2. If you aren’t a subscriber to our backup & server monitoring program, make sure you have both an internet and online backup made before you go home on Friday night.
  3. Because power failures are likely this weekend, be sure to power off all non-critical systems on Friday evening..
  4. To get the latest and most helpful tech updates, just ‘like’ us on Facebook. 
  5. If you have any questions, please give us a call Friday morning so that we can plan for any potential problems.  410-526-2012
  6. Dig out your gale-proof hurricane jacket and get your galoshes shined up and ready to show off on Monday–your co-workers will remember why you were elected “Most Prepared” in both the fashion and technology categories last year.


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