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Proof that Women CEO’s are Good Business

Quartz recently reported that at a recent investment conference in Silicon Valley, Yahoo’s Chief Financial Officer Ken Goldman, alluded that Marissa Mayer’s company Yahoo has made significant progress with the new Mom at its head. The implied tone of the article, is that though all may not be perfect in Yahoo’s world, Marissa’s leadership has definitely helped turn around one of the company’s biggest issues, which was securing great talent. In the competitive landscape of technology, this turnaround is a definite benefit. Read the story here. This news is encouraging particularly given all the hub bub about the fact Ms. Mayer was pregnant with her first child at the time of her appointment. Clearly, having a baby did not negatively impact her running one of the world’s most visible, fast-paced, multi-million dollar companies. Leading us to believe that the work being done regarding better conditions for women who are working and pregnant may be more than timely. To read more about legislative efforts and progress being made in that regard, click here.

Mary Barra Top Woman CEO of GMIt’s no secret that the trend of women in business, is becoming increasingly good business. In January 2014, the commencement of Mary Barra’s duties as the first FEMALE CEO of a major, multi-national automotive company (GM- General Motors)which was announced last December 2013 (read article in the WSJ here) created a flurry of activity on the internet with debate about her compensation package. Why is this news? Read here.

Not sure if she got a fair deal? Check out:

Think Progress’s Article alluding to a gross pay gap

Bloomberg Businessweek’s article stating Mary Barra’s Pay is going to be more than fine

Full disclosure of Mary Barra’s Compensation by GM sets a new precedent

For some time now, it’s been noted that women are actually effective leaders. No wonder the C-Suite appointments are increasing. Sadly the wage gap very much exists for most working women in comparison to their male counterparts, however we can and should take comfort that at least at the top level, things seem to be equalizing. To find out more about wage equity in your state, click here.

If you’re wondering how many women are at the top of Fortune 500 Companies? – Wikipedia has a handy list you can bookmark and refer back to by clicking here.

Elaine Shanley women in business expert, business owner and subscriber Not sure you’re getting your fair deal at work? This informative article below, written by working Mom, business owner and subscriber Elaine Shanley, MBA, CFP of Young & Company can help you ask yourself the right questions and help you equalize your playing field.

Women and Work: How to “Lean in” in regards to Salary, Benefits, and Work-Life Balance

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