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138th Preakness – MyCity4Her’s Inside Scoop on where to go – what to do & more

Blonde Marketing CEO
Kimber Goodwin

MyCity4Her 138th Preakness Cliff Notes, tips & more for women in business

The 138th Preakness is upon us, if you haven’t noticed Baltimore is getting more and more crowded and this weekend, Greater Baltimore City’s population will temporarily swell by an estimated 300K additional merry makers looking to capitalize on the horse racing tradition that is Preakness. We recently had the vivacious, bubbly and very savvy Kimber Goodwin, CEO & Marketing Maven at Blonde Marketing on MyCit4Her Radio who gave us the skinny on what to expect, where to go and how to look like a regular (in a good way) at the second of the Triple Crown horse races (Preakness is sandwiched in between the famed Kentucky Derby and more subdued Belmont Stakes.)

We also talked with up and coming female Jockey Kristina McManigell. Kristina is a jockey that is participating in the female vs. male rider challenge on Black Eyed Susan day.  Her mother is also currently battling breast cancer and we’ll be talking about the full day of festivities on May 17, 2013 – aptly called “The People’s Pink Party“.
Kristina rode her first race at Churchill Downs then moved south to Tampa FL, where she was Leading Apprentice for the 2010 racing season at Tampa Bay Downs.  She then moved her tack to Suffolk Downs in Boston MA, then on to Parx Race track near Philadelphia PA.  It was at Parx in January of 2011 where she was involved in a bad spill where she fractured her neck.  She made a relatively quick recovery, and resumed racing summer of 2011 at Parx, Penn National and Delaware racetracks.  In the fall of 2012 she decided to make the move to Maryland.  She has quickly found it to be the best move of her career, settling in and moving up in the jockey ranks during the winter Laurel meet, where she was the top female rider and top 8 overall by number of wins by all jockeys in Maryland.  Now at Pimlico, she will be riding in the upcoming Battle of the Sexes jockey challenge with top jockeys from around the country.  Kristina will be racing in black silks complimented by a nice big A (no no the scarlet letter type A) on horse #1. Go Kristina GO – we’ll be rooting for her definitely.
We asked Kimber, who has been a horse racing enthusiast and industry expert to share her top 4 tips for looking the part if this is going to be your first ever Preakness, here’s what she had to say

MyCity4Her Preakness Cliff Notes & Tips to Look Like a Pro (even if you aren’t)

#1. This is about fun- you want to have fun!

Preakness is a party steeped deep in Maryland horse racing tradition. The goal is to have fun, where ever you might be sitting – from the Infield (favored by younger professionals, college kids and the young at heart) which finds you literally (in the thick of it.) To find out more about the Infield, what you can bring, location and what’s going on click here. For a map of all areas to get a feel for where you might going if you’ve scored some free tickets, or are still trying to pick yourself – click here. The newly added International Pavillion will be hosted by Japan this year and we are looking forward to seeing our friends from the highly acclaimed Baltimore Four Seasons Hotel‘s Pabu restaurant including Executive Chef Jonah Kim.

The most coveted ticket at Preakness is the highly desirable corporate access ticket. Every year this level of sponsorship sells out and with good reason – it’s the place to “See and Be Seen” – and if you like or need to network with the “who’s who” of the business community, this is the place to do it. MyCity4Her’s founder and CCO always enjoys roaming this year where ever she’s fortunate to be based, and this year she’ll be headquartered at women-led PNC Bank where and other guests will partake in a festive, gorgeous buffet complete with refreshments (including the famed “Black Eyed Susan” traditional cocktail of choice) and comforts while placing bets and enjoying the merriment going on around them. “Tent hopping” is one of the most fun things to do at Preakness.

If you’re fortunate enough to be invited or are part of a corporate sponsor’s party be mindful of the…

MyCity4Her Top 4 tips for “tent hopping” with panache, class & more

#1. Don’t “Tent Crash”

Make sure you know a guest in the tent, or better – the host and the organization. We highly suggest you look up the corporate sponsors well in advance, and put out your feelers to see if any of your contacts will be on site that day so you can give a heads up if you plan on making a visit. To view this year’s corporate sponsors click here. If you are invited into the tent, be courteous respectful and mindful of the tent’s vibe and culture.

#2.  Wear fashionable yet comfortable shoes -whether you’re a man or woman

Sounds basic, but we mean it. Preakness is a long day…which means the last thing you want is to have your style cramped. Wear shoes that look great but also can be worn, on your feet for over 7 hours. You’ll thank us for the suggestion, and your feet will as well. That way you won’t be distracted, and you can focus on the fun and fantastic opportunity to network! Options for women include wedges, men traditionally wear white bucks, deck shoes or comfy Italian style driving loafers.

#3. Bring business cards and a fully charged cell phone

This is one of the top networking events and venues of the year, don’t be an amateur by showing up sans calling card and by all means bring a cell phone. Cell phones are critical for taking pictures, texting business contacts who are on site and catching up with them, not to mention calling the car service to advise you when to pick up. Sounds overly obvious, but the last thing you want to do is have a dead phone and no way to easily register people’s contact information.

#4. Dress for success

We can’t hammer this one home enough. Preakness is about show, and it’s about looking good. For men that can mean anything from a seersucker suit and straw hat, to a light summer suit with festive tie, or the most popular outfit which consists of navy blazer, freshly pressed cotton shirt, khaki’s & loafers with no socks.  Women will want to be dressed according to the weather. On cooler days be sure to bring a light shawl, or cardigan to cover up with should the temperature drop and dresses run the gamut from summer like cocktail attire to maxi dresses with a hat. (Need more style advice – keep reading (for our style recommendations and where to shop ideas) or listen to the MyCity4Her Radio show that aired by clicking here. In the last 10 minutes Monyka Berrocosa shares our recommendations for what to think about if you’ve yet to get your Preakness outfit decided on but hurry…you’ve only got 48 hrs!

Horse racing industry expert Kimber Goodwin’s Top Tips for betting like a Pro at Preakness

  1. Learn the language -
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  2. Understand the difference between “Win, Place & Show”

  3. Start with smaller bets to help yourself get the hang of it and build your confidence!

Kimber also helped us understand the difference between the three levels of betting that qualify for payment (winnings)

Win = the Horse comes in First (highest risks and slimmest odds)

Place – the Horse you bet on comes in First or Second (less risk than betting on Win, but still slimmer odds than Show)

Show – the Horse you bet on comes in First, Second or Third (the lowest risk, and best bet if you’re a conservative person – betting is fun, but it can get expensive)

Kimber also says it’s important to pay attention to the Horse you’re betting on’s NUMBER – at the betting wicket, they will not know the horses name (because this changes with every race), so know your Horse’s NUMBER (not just the name) so you can bet swiftly and efficiently and look like a pro doing it! Remember though gambling carries risk, and can become a serious addiction. MyCity4Her does not endorse gambling per se and we advise you to keep it to fun and focus on the day’s festivities versus squandering money. If you want a retirement plan – betting at Preakness is probably not it.

MyCity4Her’s Fashion Recommendations for Preakness 2013

If you’re looking to make a “statement” and going to be in the corporate tent or International Pavilion we recommend you go see Ray at Ruth Shaw. Ruth Shaw is pretty much Baltimore’s premier serious designer shopping destination carrying brands such as Blumarine, Helmut Lang, Maxmara, Philip Lim (seen on many a red carpet this year), Piazza Sempione, and Sonia Rykiel – exactly the type of power and investment dressing you need to make the killer impression so be sure to check them out first. When asked for his suggested owner & Baltimore Style scion Ray Mitchener likes dresses by Alexander Wang.

“We love Alexander Wang! He has these chic dresses with mess insets to be a little provocative, but still very lady like and Lida Baday. For the younger crowd…Rag and Bone sexy , flirty dresses.”

Alexander Wang‘s Spring/Summer collection is a great bet for the successful woman who wants to be noticed with class, and obviously well suited with someone who has a great figure.

While you’re in Ruth Shaw, be sure and check out their neat new section of Giftables where you’ll find perfect ideas for this summer’s hostess gift giving occasions and more. Ruth Shaw is carrying exquisite giftables from the likes of , Agraria , Atelier Cologne , Etro Home  and John Derian 

To find out more about Ruth Shaw, why not stay in touch on Facebook? Like their page by clicking here.

If Ruth Shaw is not quite in your price point…we suggest you check out FRESH. Hard working Mom and woman business owner Heidi Slacum also has some great suggestions. Recently while in the store we say fabulous maxi dresses in popping and a propos colors like royal blue, and canary yellow. Heidi also carries more demure, practical outfits ranging from a fitted black “Jackie O” style dress to separates that can be mixed and matched to allow for flexibility and multiple uses and wears something any professional woman can appreciate. Sizes run from small (0-6) to more standard (6-12) in certain items.

Over the summer FRESH Boutique will be relocating to a beautiful, much larger space in the Woodholme area, conveniently just off of the Beltway to accommodate Heidi’s growing clientele and subsequent need for more square footage. To find out more about Fresh boutique click here. We might add that FRESH is a great place to shop for Prom, weddings, Bar & Bat Mitvah’s as well as finding just the right flirty dress for summer vacation.

Stay in touch with FRESH on their Facebook page and find out about upcoming events, news about the move, new store arrivals and more by clicking here.

We also love Wear It’s At where owner Stephanie Cohen Torrible (last year’s 2012 Spirited Woman in Business) has everything you could possibly want and because it’s upscale consignment you can wear Chanel on a Nine West budget. Our CCO & Founder loves Wear It’s At because it allows you to Reduce, Re-use & Repurpose – the perfect solution for someone who needs a lot of outfits for many occasions and doesn’t know what to do with them after one wearing…Find out more about Wear It’s At by clicking here, or “Like” them on Facebook as well.

To learn more about the Spirited Woman Awards & Stephanie Torrible, click here.

NEED a Hat?

There’s still time…

We have it on good authority that the go-to destinations for hats are in this order:

Hat’s in the Belfry – Located in Fells Point and right next to Cupcake, where owner Lisa Schatz specializes in fun, flirty cocktail dresses and on-trend closet additions that are perfect for the younger professional with a great figure.

Macy’s in Towson Town Center is rumored to have GREAT suggestions in a range of price points.

Last but not least we suggest your Mother or your Grandmother’s closet, vintage hats are always charming and beat just sticking any old straw floppy on your head.  Get creative with your hat and the style tip to keep in mind is “Over the Top Dress – Low key Hat”, “Over the top Hat – Low key Dress always making sure to choose a complimentary color”

However you enjoy this year’s festivities bring sunscreen and stay hydrated. We suggest water proof makeup and choosing a purse that is easy to carry if you’ve got your hands full with a drink and a betting roster.  Feel free to post your comments or suggestions to the above information in the space provided below and have a great Preakness!







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