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TEDxHampdenWomen – A Success

Image courtesy of TEDxHampdenWomen

Over 100 people attended the inaugural TEDxHampden Women Event at the Baltimore Museum of Art on May 29, 2015. That day as a group people laughed, cried, were horrified, mesmerized and inspired by everyday stories. Hosted by the phenomenal and original Indie-Mom of Comedy Meshelle, the event was quite a happening amid graduations and end of the school year festivities.

Subjects covered sensitive, important subjects as well as joy, movement, art and communities.

Ericka Alston, told “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”,  Lola Manekin explained why “Women need Movement Beyond”, Cynthia Saunders explored non-traditional gender roles in the household,  Vaidehi Joshi shared the redemption of code after sexual assualt, Breai Mason-Campbell challenged integration, really, Nahija Wright talked about the strength that comes from growing up in Brick City Wall Street and Elisa J Wells explored her love affair with Hampden and it’s positive effect on her ongoing creativity. To view the playlist on YouTube click here.

“It was an amazing experience to work on a woman only committee where cooperation, teamwork and effort for the greater good reigned supreme” said MyCity4HER CEO and Founder, Monyka Berrocosa. TEDxHampden Women’s Committee consisted of Kate Schwartz, Heather Bradbury, Monyka Berrocosa, Crystal Forman, Shervonne Cherry and Arushi Srivastava. To learn more about TEDxHampdenWomen click here.  To learn more about TED click here.


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